using creativity to support mental wellbeing in the community

Doing something with your hands, your brain or even your feet is a well established mechanism to maintain and improve your mental wellbeing. 

Creating something, or supporting someone else who is making something, or working in a team to make something are all ways of creating focus and giving meaning to people's lives.

Whether what you make is beautiful or functional - it's all in the eye of the beholder.  

Artists Attic aims to support those who choose to create something to add beauty to their lives.

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Drop-in sessions - open access to explore possibilities

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We are open for those with time on their hands wanting to explore possibilities from 

  • 11am to 3pm on Monday and Wednesday and:
  • 1-3pm on Fridays

Our drop-in sessions are intended to provide an opportunity for anyone to come in and talk about what they would like to do - and for us to work out how to help you do it.    For any members of the community we provide an opportunity to drop in and find out what you can do - and if its an easy one you can be doing it inside 10 minutes.

While you work out what is your direction of creative travel we provide this service for free.  Once you are settled on a way forward then you can move on to Skills Workshops.

Skills Workshops

Once you settle on an activity that you would like to develop then you can choose from one of the paid workshops we are developing to help you on your way.   

Click the button to find out what is available

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Coffee Club

11am - 12pm every Wednesday

We host the Coffee Club from 11am-12pm every Wednesday to provide an opportunity for individuals to get together in a warm, friendly, social environment.

There is no charge other than the cost of the coffee and you might like to pop in and take the opportunity to view the various artwork that is on display from time to time. 

We do this both to contribute to the community but also in an attempt to spark an interest in creative activity at every level.  Breaking down the barriers of 'I'm not an artist' and 'I can't do that' .

At Artists Attic can you walk in the door for a coffee and be learning to paint inside 10 minutes!

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With the space at our premises to provide support whether it is a one-to-one personal conversation or a group discussion, Artists Attic is able to host community groups who may not have suitable space available.

The very act of bringing people into our premises exposes them to art and creative activity which can act as a catalyst to their starting on a road to recovery.

Artists Attic Trust objectives declared to the Charity Commission are to provide "..recreation or other leisure time occupation, including arts and crafts, of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances."  

No matter what age or whatever problem someone may have, Artists Attic Trust will seek to find a way of providing support through the creative arts.