So many of our retired soldiers have been left and forgotten, they have spent many years defending our freedoms and democracy. Being a soldier is highly demanding, they endure horrific encounters and extreme living conditions often, and that needs a very specific mind set that is done through years of training. Then when they finish there service they are released back into a mostly ungrateful and privileged society with no help or understanding of how to adjust to this new environment. This leads to depression, alcohol and drug abuse and at the extreme end suicide, we loose around 18 of these amazing people a month in Yorkshire alone. So as a veteran myself I am proud to be able to put our program in place to help these heroes express what’s in their minds, give them a sense of achievement and value. These highly venerable people have so much to offer our communities with knowledge, wisdom, ethics and what should be important. We just need to help them adjust, be grateful of their service and give them a place among us without judgement.

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