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Artists Attic aims to make creative outlets and activities available to young people so that they can explore their own creative potential for themselves.

Modern life can be tough and we can easily forget to step back for a moment and think about the good things that make us happy.  If we can help young people create more of what is beautiful or pleasing in their lives we leave less space for the negative stuff.

And if they spend more  time doing things that make them happy - how will that affect their attitudes to other things?

What we are doing now

'Artful Expressions'  

Artful Expressions is our weekly creative workshop for young people under 18 years.  It runs from 5-7pm (after school) every Monday until July 2024.

Our costs for staffing and property overheads are paid by the National Lottery Community Fund ,and the workshops are therefore free to those taking part.   

Drop-in sessions - open access to explore possibilities

We are open for those with time on their hands wanting to explore possibilities from 

  • 11am to 3pm on Monday and Wednesday and:
  • 1-3pm on Fridays 

Our drop-in sessions are intended to provide an opportunity for anyone, whether young or old,  to come in and talk about what they would like to do - and for us to work out how to help you do it.    Whether for young people not attending school at the time or for any members of the community we provide an opportunity to drop in and find out what you can do.

While you work out what is your direction of creative travel we provide this service for free.  Once you are settled on a way forward then you can move on to Skills Workshops.

Skills Workshops

Once you settle on an activity that you would like to develop then you can choose from one of the paid workshops we are developing to help you on your way.  You can find what is currently available at our shop. 

Click the button to find out what is available

Artists Attic Trust provides multiple opportunities for young people to experience creative activities.  From the traditional drawing and painting to the way out ideas of upcycling household goods or some obscure skill.   We want to explore how young people can be engaged by offering them whatever sparks their interest rather than what is on the curriculum. And if it produces something that draws a reaction from the viewer then that will do for us.

It was St Ignatius Loyola who said: Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”  It is a simple way of saying that our formative years as a child are the most important in our development.  And why it is important to introduce children to the their own creativity as early as possible by making the time and space available to them.  That's what we do.

Artists Attic intends to:

  • provide traditional structured experiences such as holiday club programmes and scheduled workshops;
  • to work with schools to explore how we can support each schools creative projects;
  • but particularly to support those of any age who walk in from the street and say: "Can I have a go at that?"
  • help young people find a way to explore their creativity.