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supporting creative artists in Dewsbury and North Kirklees

Artists Attic is a resource for creative people - whether they have yet to pick up a pencil or are well established on their creative career path.  

We have the space, the materials and advice to offer from experienced, working artists - and a supportive, creative community of artists who live and work in the area.

Artists and creators of all kinds can support Artists Attic activities and by doing so can participate in AAT projects in Dewsbury and North Kirklees in order to develop their skills, experience and exposure of their work to the public.


We need artists.  Artists Attic Trust is intended to work as a virtuous circle.  We aim to introduce children and adults to creative art as a means of supporting their personal growth or to help them through some difficulty they are experiencing.  To do this we need artists to guide, mentor and teach them. 

In exchange, we can make available to you at Artists Attic the space, materials and environment to support your work whether as an individual or as part of our team.  Where the circumstances and funding allow it we aim to pay union rates to artists supporting our projects.  In particular, we want to make local artists work more visible and to contribute to the regeneration of Dewsbury by adding art to everyone's daily life experience.

We don't want to see contractors hoardings when work is in progress in town.  Instead, we see a space that is available for art that can contribute to the vibrancy of our community.  And when a building is boarded up for security we see an opportunity for more art.   We want to cover up all the bad and ugly stuff in our lives and make Dewsbury a talking point for the contribution that art makes to the vibrancy of the town.

In exchange, we would like you to help us create a virtuous circle where you support younger and less experienced artists.  In exchange, you can have access to AAT resources and the opportunity to participate in AAT projects.  AAT is a charity and for the moment, we are running on volunteer's time and efforts.  However, it is our intention to pay Artists Union England rates whenever we obtain a paid commission and are able to do so. 

Skills Workshops

Whether you are an established artist, still learning your trade or wanting to acquire new skills the learning process never ends.  Artists Attic provides a range of teaching workshops to help artists at every stage of their development.  And if you are suitably qualified then there is no reason why you cannot deliver workshops to teach others. 

Find out  the range of classes and skills workshops available on our Classes page

Street Art

AAT aims to actively encourage street art in Dewsbury and North Kirklees by facilitating the acquisition and permission for sites and providing support for the creation of the work.  We will do this by:

  • working with the council to ensure that every project taking place in town is seen as an opportunity for public art;
  • working with property owners to obtain permission to use their walls for street art.

AAT will maintain an inventory of sites, for which we have landlord permission.  For the sake of maintaining good relations in the community, AAT will not normally paint walls without permission.  

AAT will then suggest a site (and possibly a theme) to our contributing artists.  For inclusion, artists are expected to be actively supporting AAT’s community objectives as described above. 

Artists may submit their proposal, either individually or as any collective they choose.  

All proposals will be reviewed and critiqued collectively by the artists group.  This is intended to be an educational process, a means to improve the quality of the work that AAT develops for the town and a social, creative and business networking opportunity for those involved.

The piece selected and developed can be delivered either by an individual artist or a group or tagged as Artists Attic 

AAT will endeavour to deliver a regular flow of street art in Dewsbury Town Centre to provoke discussion and a greater appreciation of the arts.. 

AAT will develop engagement mechanisms to obtain community response to the work produced.  All sites are subject to renewal and repainting on a regular basis but AAT will endeavour to retain and reuse work which receives a high level of community approval. 

AAT will endeavour to ensure that work is fairly distributed among participating artists.

While we will aim for friendly and flexible arrangements at all times the decision of the Trustees in applying the policy on Artistic Merit is final.

Contributing Artists - in alphabetical order

Robin Gilbert

 All aspects of wood work including repair, sculpture, furniture design and build, up cycling, Metal, plastic and fiberglass fabrication, arts and crafts for kids, basic painting, scuba diving

Russell Mathews

All paint medias, arts and crafts, model making, fine detail painting, up cycling materials

Steve McGrath

All medias of painting, pencil drawing, collage, and creative cardboard and crafts, Fine art, street art, can work with all ages.

Trafford Parsons

Street art spray can and exterior oils, Acrylics, pencil drawing, canvas painting, collage, up cycling sculptures, screen printing. Best with over 12’s

Jane Platts

All media, arts and crafts, textile art and restyling

Gina Suzette

Fine art all medias, drawing, crafts for kids, resin work

Carmen Taylor