Laser cutters are amazingly versatile and can be used not just for accurate cutting of materials for the production process but also for etching intricate details and decorative designs onto paper, Perspex, wood ,ply, MDF, glass and many other materials.

Our OMTECH Laser Cutter

Our OMTECH Laser Cutter has a bed size of 30x50cm and fast speeds for both cutting and engraving different materials.

Hire charges

Experienced Laser Cutter Users

If you have used a Laser Cutter before, simply call and book yourself in for a quick induction, then you can book sessions as and when you need them.

We recommend that you bring your files pre-prepared, although we can offer support in converting files where needed (an additional charge is incurred for technical support). We recommend that for cutting you bring your artwork on a memory stick as a Vector (Illustrator) file. For engraving, we recommend a JPEG or BITMAP image file.

New to the Laser Cutter

One hour induction training - £25

Induction training is FREE when 5 cutter sessions are booked.

If you would like to explore decorative laser etching as part of your creative process then come and talk to us and tell us about your bigger picture.  Maybe we can help.


Our laser cutter is available at £12/ hour.

Technical support if required - £25/session.

How to book

Please Contact us for more details on your particular requirements.