Trick or Treat Trail - Halloween, 2023

Horizon - Huddersfield Railway Station

21 July 2022

The Carlton School project inspired a further project at Huddersfield railway station addressing the theme of loneliness, unfortunately a common reason for suicide at railway stations.  Here, the six obelisks built by Artists Attic and painted by the school children provided colour, life and words of encouragement.  The launch ceremony on 21 July 2022 featured the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire and the Mayor of Kirklees, 

Much of this project was made possible by funding from the Brelms Trust

Carlton Junior & Infants School

This project was in response to the multi-cultural nature of the school pupils.  Each picture represents a culture and the ribbons joining them together culminate as one.

The professional artists of Artists Attic made the physical objects and helped the children convert their ideas into designs before the pupils completed all the colouring work.

Much of this project was made possible by funding from the Brelms Trust

Ability Options

Ability Options, a centre for those with learning difficulties, were also inspired by the Carlton school and Horizon projects and wanted to encourage their residents to express their feelings about the facilities.  Following several discussions with the residents the Artists Attic artists converted their words into images that the residents painted using their own choice of colours.  

The obelisk remains in position outside the Day Centre at the Ability Options facility in Holmfirth,

This project was made possible by funding from One Community