Bringing Out the Artist in You

Using Creativity to Help Make things Happen

We provide opportunities for individuals and groups
to create and experience arts and crafts.
We believe that everyone benefits physically or mentally,

either directly or indirectly from exposure to the arts in all it forms.

One of our young members with their work during a Holiday Club project, Jan 2024

working with young people

Artists Attic aims to make creative outlets and activities available to young people so that they can explore their own creative potential for themselves.

Modern life can be tough and we can easily forget to step back for a moment and think about the good things that make us happy.  If we can help young people create more of what is beautiful or pleasing in their lives we leave less space for the negative stuff.

And if they spend more  time doing things that make them happy - how will that affect their attitudes to other things?   

Currect activities for young people

using creativity to support mental wellbeing in the community

Doing something with your hands, your brain or even your feet is a well established mechanism to provide a focus for those aiming to maintain their mental wellness. 

Creating something, or supporting someone else who is struggling to create something, or working in a team to make something are all ways of creating focus and giving meaning to people's lives.

Whether what you make is beautiful or functional - it's all in the eye of the beholder.  Artists Attic aims to support those who choose to create something beautiful to add to their lives.

photo of veteran

Activities supporting the community

image of an eye with coloured paint daubs

Photo: Daniel Apodaca - unsplash

supporting creative artists in Dewsbury and North Kirklees

Artists Attic is a resource for creative people - whether they have yet to pick up a pencil or are well established on their creative career path.  

We have the space, the materials and advice to offer from experienced, working artists - and a supportive, creative community of artists who live and work in the area.

Artists and creators of all kinds can support Artists Attic activities and by doing so can participate in AAT projects in Dewsbury and North Kirklees in order to develop their skills, experience and exposure of their work to the public.

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