Children are what will make change going forward, so we have worked with Carlton infant and junior school in Batley to do a multi cultural large painting and sculpture project that will be proudly exhibited outside the front of the building. The project has now been completed by local artists from different cultures, children from the school and some parents. Its now standing proud in the front of the school and will be there for many years to come.

The Idea came from talking the the teachers at the school about what their school was like and what they valued. As the school is very multi cultural and has an ethos that means all the cultures work well together we thought we would create a piece that represented this.

The sculpture on the right is where the whole story begins. This represents the air, wind, fire and water all rising from the earth and spilling out through the branches and becoming a mixed variety of cultures. Each culture is represented individually and from each culture comes a strand that leads down to the centre where they all blend beautifully together in one continuous swirl. A celebration of Multi cultural, Multi coloured magical mix of personalities and life!

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The completed project in site at Carlton Junior and Infant School

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