A donation last week by A W Lumb, builders merchant is helping us achieve one of the objectives of Artists Attic Trust to contribute to the regeneration of Dewsbury by improving the visual appearance of the town by adding street art by our contributing artists.

That's a very worthy objective - but it does require a supply of building materials such as ply boarding and all sorts of hardware to make it possible - and they all cost money that we don't have.   So for this we need the support of the community and particularly from local businesses.

First up to the plate with a donation of ply boards, paint, sealant and too many other things to mention has been local builders merchant, A W Lumb to whom we are very grateful for their generous donation last week that will enable us to get started.

Delivery from A W Lumb

photo of delivery of materials to Artists Attic Trust by A W Lumb

We do love donations that are so big they need a truck with a crane to be delivered!  

The delivery was made by Shaun and Ben of A W Lumb, itself part of the Lords group of companies and the picture shows them with Trafford Parson, Lead Artists at Artists Attic, Codey Hepworth, one of our volunteers and Lumb's delivery driver.

We can't let this go by without mentioning to any other businesses with a strong community connection that our gas heating system is currently out of commission.  We work indoors as well delivering creative workshops to people of all ages in Dewsbury - and a comfortable environment is an essential, especially for the kids.  If you would like to follow A W Lumb on our list of donors by making a donation in kind from your business then please drop us a line from the Contact page.

But thank you again to A W Lumb and Lords Group.  The boarding, in particular, will help us deliver our next project of enclosing our rear yard  to create a large street art practice space.

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