A Repair Cafe is being hosted monthly by Artists Attic Trust in Dewsbury from Wednesday 18 October 2023.

You know those strange 'fixer' people who always seem to have a toolbox full of tools, a sewing box when you need a hole patching, a knitting basket or some other collection of weird instruments appropriate to their calling readily to hand whenever the plaintiff cry of " My thingy (enter your own choice of item) isn't working". Well, whether its for clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, or whatever, we'll have a collection of 'fixers' available in October to help put your 'thingy' to rights.

Repair Cafes started in 2009 in Amsterdam as a way of encouraging a sustainable approach to our use of everyday household items and this has become every more important with the current increase in the cost of living. It's no longer sensible to throw things into landfill when all you need is a fix which may well be both quick and simple.

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And it's not just about getting your item fixed. When you stay and watch the fixer as they work on your item you will inevitably pick up all sorts of tips about how its done and can often learn how to do it yourself next time.

So come on down.  Bring your broken 'thingy' to the Repair Cafe at Artists Attic on Wed 18 October and then the third Wednesday in every month!

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