Working with a local man to build his self esteem and sense of purpose through art. Creating a piece of art featuring a local iconic building ‘Batley Library’. This has been created using two very different art methods of mark making. This piece started as a free flow of emotion and paint on a 8ft x 8ft canvas. The canvas was divided into two as each artist was going to paint a side each. It was built up in layers to create an effect each artist was happy with. With two completely different techniques used and two completely different emotional states meeting in the middle the next question was “What next?”. A discussion was had as to what was important to each artist and the common factor was local landmarks. One they both liked was the Library building, but instead of just painting the library they decided to make an impression of the library using handmade tools to create a ‘rough’ look. This is what was eventually produced. The local man that became involved in this project who was previously struggling in life found he had a renewed vigour and soon was invited along to an interview for a new job. A success all round!

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